About Dr. Becky Krull

When I was eight years old I would sit under the tree in my backyard and talk to my dog about my day, good, bad or ugly.  She would let me hold her and feel her soft fur on my face and listen to all my worries as my hot tears ran on her fur.  Her unconditional love spurred me to follow my passion for veterinary medicine.  It certainly wasn’t a linear path to where I am today and for that I am grateful.

“My passion for veterinary medicine and life has been unleashed. I am here to share my story and lead my profession to a healthier, balanced way of doing life.”

Without the twists and turns I would have missed so much, like working for the USDA Dairy Forage Research Center and sticking my arm inside cannulated rumens, or moving 1400 miles away from home to Logan, UT and pursuing a Master of Science degree in Dairy Nutrition where I managed 16 cows during my research trials, placing indwelling urinary catheters and collecting urine for 72 hours.  I worked for Cargill, the 3rd largest company in the world at the time, as a research technician evaluating monogastric nutrition of pigs and chickens. I married my middle school sweet heart and after three heart felt attempts, was ultimately accepted into veterinary medical school. I am a partner in the practice I now flourish in.  My winding journey brought me to some dark places of compassion fatigue and caregiver burnout.  Through some remarkable perseverance and personal growth, I have found my way out of that darkness and to a new-found passion for veterinary medicine and all it has to offer. I love fostering the relationships I make daily both with my patients and my human clients, mentoring and motivating fellow colleagues on living a different way while living their purpose work and elevating my practice financially and holistically.

My passion for veterinary medicine and life has been unleashed.  I now have the freedom to practice medicine authentically.  I lead my business from an open and loving heart while maintaining a strong leadership role in both action and dialogue with an emphasis on relationship building.  The work I have done and continue to do on myself allows me to be transparent and real, navigating the ever-changing atmosphere and personalities that veterinary medicine and entrepreneurship holds.  I am passionate about mentoring other veterinarians, veterinary students, medical doctors and staff, small business owners and quite frankly anyone that is passionate about pursuing their purpose work.  I am driven to help other professionals elevate themselves as well as their businesses to an unforeseen level of success.

I am speaking to veterinarians and veterinary students, eagerly adding to my plate of responsibilities.  I have added services to our practice, yet still work less hours and generate more revenue.  I am playing more with my family and friends, making connections and improving relationships.  I have brought joy and fun back into my life.  If this sounds like the life you want, then let’s connect.

My family loves to play and move together!