I am a thought leader in the veterinary world.  I am a practicing veterinarian and owner of a thriving clinic in Green Bay, WI.  I live to empower other veterinarians to find the equilibrium in their passion work and daily life.  I speak of the daily struggles of working in a high paced, high stress profession, as well as being a mom and wife, and how I found the tools to thrive.  I am a riveting and dynamic speaker, engaging my audience with real life scenarios and audience participation.  My key notes speech examines the pitfalls of caregiver burnout, what compassion fatigue looks and feels like and my journey to overcome the numbness to life I found myself in.  I have lived in the trenches and walked this journey of caregiver burnout and am a live testament to the personal growth work I follow daily to embrace my passion for practice life.

Speaking Engagements customized to your needs and struggles:
  • Key Note Speaker
  • Lunch Hour Talks
  • Round table discussions


Most veterinarians and medical caregivers of this world have spent years perfecting their technical skills and passion for the job, but eventually find themselves lost in the “why did I start this journey in the first place”, left exhausted and numb.  You are not alone.  Academia and the stresses of the day to day business do not properly prepare us to handle all that is put on our shoulders to be effective leaders and healers.  You don’t have to live like this anymore.

Through my insight and knowledge of practice ownership, human resources and staff relations, social media and marketing, financial growth, client retention, personal growth and self-care we will elevate you personally as well as professionally to find your “why” again. I will help you clarify challenges and discover your aspirations.  I will encourage self-discovery and personal reflection.  You will be challenged and encouraged to grow out of your comfort zone.  I will help you generate solutions and new strategies to overcome the burnout while holding you accountable for your actions.

  • Practice ownership
  • Human resources and staff relations
  • Social media and marketing-care
  • Financial growth
  • Client retention
  • Personal growth and self
Consulting customized to your needs via:
  • 1 hour virtual
  • ½ day on site
  • Full day on site
  • 5 days on site


​Waiting for someone to take you under their wing of their own free will is the fastest way to fail in the desire to have a mentor. Put simply, if you want mentorship, it’s up to you to find the right mentor and make the relationship happen. Dr. Becky Krull is that right person.  She will deliver results in staff relationship building, financial stress management, social media and business growth.  She also will help you with “imposter syndrome”, self-care issues and self-worth struggles by sharing her real-world scenarios.

Mentors are instrumental for new graduates, when transitioning into a new role in your practice, when you are an owner who wants to develop, articulate and create team alignment around a vision for your practice, you are an associate who is considering buying a practice or becoming a partner, you are technically sound but want to hone your skills to become a better leader and develop a healthy practice culture or for those that want to lead and not just manage.

Who would benefit from mentoring?
  • New graduates
  • Transition into a new role
  • An owner who wants to grow professionally and personally
  • An associate who is considering ownership
  • Someone looking to become a better leader and not just a manager
Memberships are customized for:
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months

The Simply Kerry Method

Did you work so hard to get where you are only to find yourself burnt out and miserable?

That was me. I was ready to hand over the keys to my clinic and give it all up. I was overworked, my health and relationships were suffering, I had horrible mom-guilt, and had no passion for the career I had dreamed of since I was a child.  All of that changed after I decided to invest in myself and seek help from my life and business coach, Simply Kerry.

She helped me find balance and bring joy back into all areas of my life. I am not only loving my work again, but excelling in it and teaching other veterinarians how to do the same. I am working less and making more.

I have teamed up with my coach, Kerry Geocaris, to help vets get the same results I did. The Simply Kerry program is effective and easy to implement into your busy life. The concepts and tools focus on neuroelevation - blending science with your own spiritual path to rewire and rebuild the brain. Your brain is your control center and when we understand our conditioning and make-up, we can easily move through blocks and make lasting changes.

This is for you if you're:
  • Struggling with burnout and want to give it all up
  • Stressed and anxious
  • Suffer from parent guilt
  • Struggle with judgment and criticism
  • Feeling like work and home life are negative and stressful