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'I've been thanked a million times today': Vets adjust daily operations to be there for pets during coronavirus

COVID-19 has forced veterinarians to change up operations to care for cats and dogs. Dr. Becky talks about this change.

Michigan considering ban on declawing cats, Green Bay area veterinarian explains why

Dr. Becky provides insight as to why Michigan is considering putting a ban on declawing cats.

Coaching with Kerry: Mission Trip with Dr. Becky Krull

Life Coach Kerry Geocaris and Veterinarian Dr. Becky Krull stopped by to talk about her recent mission trip.

Why Dr. Becky Krull is packing her suitcase.

Dr. Becky Krull, owner of Green Bay and Allouez Animal Hospital, will soon be on a mission to make things better for the people and animals of Central America.  In early February, Dr. Krull and her long-time veterinary technician Mandi, will travel to Big Corn Island in Nicaragua.  

How to Go to Vet School and Become a Veterinarian

I absolutely love being a veterinarian. It wasn't an easy road, but if it were easy everyone would do it. Check out this article in US News that I contributed to on how to become a veterinarian.

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