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Managing Daily Stresses in the Clinic, Recognizing the Energy Shifts

No one wants to have a crappy day.  No one asks for bad stuff to happen.  We can’t control how others around us act or the situations life throws at us.  We can however, control how we respond to it all and how we want to feel. One evening recently, to create some space and […]

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Vet Student Struggles, Conquer Them Now to Slay Compassion Fatigue Later

I have discovered that motivational speaking and sharing my story on compassion fatigue is an actual passion of mine.  I recently had an opportunity to speak to veterinary students about the real world struggles we face in our profession. To prep for my speech, I asked myself what was my struggle, what are their struggles […]

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Why do veterinarians need a mentoring program?

Why would a veterinarian, a professional who has had years of schooling and maybe even a few years of practice under their belt need a mentor? Think about it. We have had a teacher, coach, parent, mentor of some sort our entire lives, and then, poof, they’re gone. Perhaps we are then looked at as […]

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