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Putting the Human Into the Human Animal Bond

Do not harden your heart. Soften. Lead with love and kindness. Be vulnerable with your clients that are being so vulnerable with you. Otherwise it makes for a sad and lonely existence.

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Dr. Becky

My Breeder Said… How a Client’s Judgement is Helping Heal Old Wounds

Fear of judgement has kept me from shining in my veterinary practice and in my life. Learn how I process through this fear.

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Stay at Home Spouse - 5 Tips to Not Resent Them

Spouse Resentment – 5 Tips From This Veterinarian Working Wife

I Resent My Stay At Home Spouse I am a full time veterinarian, small business owner,  Mom of two, and I am married to Chad, a stay at home spouse.  I often dream of working less and being home more to do the domestic duties to my satisfaction. Many of us in the veterinary world […]

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